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Academician Shi Bi of Chinese Academy of Engineering visited Jinan Luri Junda Leather Co., Ltd

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         On July 13, 2018, Shi Bi, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor Liao Xuepin of Sichuan University, President Li Yanchun and Professor Jin Liqiang of leather College of Qilu University of technology, accompanied by Liu Baolin, vice chairman of CPPCC, deputy director of the regional production, learning and research office and Zhang Rutao, Secretary of the Party committee of Shuangquan Town, came to Jinan Luri Junda Leather Co., Ltd. for exchange and examination Check.

         Under the guidance of chairman Chen Jiajun, academician Shi Bi and his party visited Luri Junda workshop, sewage treatment, office building, testing center, laboratory under construction, etc. As a leading scientific research figure in leather industry, academician Shi Bi highly praised Luri Junda in environmental protection and energy saving, process methods, product quality, enterprise culture, site management and other aspects. He praised Lu rijunda's green manufacturing system construction reached the industry leading level and realized the virtuous cycle of ecological environmental protection and enterprise development. As the first leather industry, he passed the green manufacturing system It is worthy of being evaluated by factories.

         At the forum, academician Shi Bi and Professor Liao Xuepin listened to the report on the production and operation of Jinan Luri Junda Leather Co., Ltd. in recent years, and provided valuable suggestions for the development of the enterprise from the aspects of technology research and application, product production and market, talent introduction and training.

     Academician Shi Bi also put forward the expectation that Luri Junda, as the leading enterprise of cow split leather, should play the role of enterprise as the main body of innovation, and further strengthen the training of its own talents. He also proposed that in the future, Sichuan University, Qilu University of technology and Luri Junda should strengthen communication and cooperation, integrate the advantages of university basic research and enterprise scientific research achievements transformation, so as to promote the development of leather industry Make more contributions.
         Chairman Zhang Zhaosen extended a warm welcome to academician Shi Bi and Professor Liao Xuepin for their arrival today, and stressed that Lu rijunda should seize the opportunity of implementing the national policy of transforming new and old kinetic energy, accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation and transformation of scientific research achievements, have a sense of urgency, and promote the construction process of the incubation workshop project of scientific research achievements transformation in Changqing development zone.

         Vice president Liu Baolin pointed out that the docking between the school and the enterprise is another exchange under the premise of being familiar with each other. The two sides should be widely connected and deeply integrated in the depth, breadth and field of industry university research cooperation; they should have a detailed communication in terms of ideology, technology and achievements; they should actively explore the ways and means of school enterprise cooperation, and strive to cultivate talents and technology Establish all-round cooperation relationship in technical training and achievement transformation. Enterprises should further play the main role of production, learning and research, actively strengthen the precise docking with colleges and universities, and actively seek win-win points of cooperation, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of cooperation projects between the two sides and achieve win-win results.


         Li Yanchun, Dean of the leather School of Qilu University of technology, affirmed the achievements of LuriJunda's rapid development in recent years, and said that he would continue to strengthen cooperation with LuriJunda to achieve production, study and research, so as to promote the development of both sides to a new level.


         Chen Jiajun, chairman of the board, said that the reason why LuriJunda is today is that he has the backing of industry university research cooperation with universities and the support and care of leaders of various government departments. Academician Shi Bi pointed out the direction for LuriJunda's scientific research and development. In the future, the company will strengthen the communication and cooperation with the scientific research team led by Academician Shi Bi. On the basis of the company's 29 year development advantages, it will focus on the research and development of new leather materials and become a good industry leader.