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Opening ceremony of academician workstation of Jinan Luri Junda Leather Co., Ltd

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         On the morning of September 16, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of academician workstation of Jinan Luri Junda Leather Co., Ltd. was solemnly held in the company's multi-functional hall.


       Shi Bi, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, professor and doctoral supervisor of Sichuan University, Chen Zhanguang, Secretary General of China Leather Association, Liang Zhixin, President of Shandong Leather Association, Ding Zhiwen, vice president of China leather shoe making research fellow, Jiao Zhaogang, deputy inspector of Jinan science and Technology Association, Chen Jiachuan, President (president) of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), and head of Jinan citizen visiting group, Xin'an, Changqing District leaders Zhang Zhaosen, pan Xinghua, Zhang Yonggang, Liu Baolin, principal persons in charge of relevant departments directly under the District, responsible comrades in charge of each street and town and some enterprise leaders, Luri Junda cooperation unit and major media participated in the activity.

Pan Xinghua, vice governor of Changqing District, presided over the unveiling ceremony

         Chairman Zhang Zhaosen said happily: "the establishment of academician workstation of Jinan Luri Juanda Leather Co., Ltd. is a great joy in the innovation and development of industry university research integration in Changqing District, and a great achievement of talent recruitment and talent introduction in Changqing. This is of great significance to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and accelerate the construction of a modern landscape charming new city ".

         President Chen Jiachuan (president) pointed out that school enterprise cooperation is an important strategic measure under the new situation, and industry university research cooperation is also the internal demand for the common development of both sides. The next step will be through the combination of production, teaching and research to achieve complementary advantages, and achieve a win-win situation for colleges and enterprises.

        Secretary General Chen Zhanguang put forward three expectations for the future development of LuriJunda as a benchmark enterprise of Cow split leather: first, focusing on the market, focusing on promoting the promotion and application of new technologies, promoting the development and innovation of new products, and cultivating new growth points of the industry with product differentiation, fashion, ecology and branding. The second is to focus on the combination of production, learning, research and application, and make full use of the platform of academician workstation to promote the clean production and environmental protection management of leather industry, and promote the green development of leather industry. The third is to focus on improving the added value of the industrial chain, unite with outstanding enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries, and strive to build a high-end, high-quality and efficient leather industry chain.

        Academician Shi Bi fully affirmed and highly appraised LuriJunda in the aspects of environmental protection and energy saving, site management and green factory. Academician Shi pointed out the development direction for future cooperation, stressed that the cooperation between academician team and LuriJunda would focus on real work, organize forces from all aspects, and focus on the development and application of high-end leather products and advanced leather cleaning technology. It is hoped that the company will take the academician workstation as an opportunity to lead the development of China's leather industry while developing itself.

        Chen Jiajun, chairman of LuriJunda, on behalf of the company's employees, welcomed all the leaders and guests who came to attend the unveiling ceremony of academician workstation during their busy schedule. He also expressed his gratitude to friends from all walks of life for their concern and help, for the integration, innovation and green development of Industry University Research Institute, and for the trust and support of customers.

    Based on his experiences, feelings, experiences and understandings of more than 40 years of going to the society, chairman Chen explained the reasons why LuriJunda is today from four aspects of corporate culture, integrity construction, green development and innovation.
1、 Corporate culture is the root. The heart of the employees is the root of the enterprise. The boss shines through the employees. The real sun is the employees, while the boss is just the moon. It is the unchangeable truth that the masses are the real heroes.
2、 Always stick to integrity. Since its establishment for 29 years, the company has been adhering to the concept of "integrity as the soul", and has no bad records for customers, employees and banks.
3、 Adhere to green development. The company adopts advanced clean production technology and efficient sewage treatment technology. The sewage treatment station has invested more than 30 million yuan. It has carried out material saving, water saving evaluation and other measures to reduce resource and energy input. The construction of green factory has reached the industry leading level.
4、 Innovation and development. There is no backward industry, only backward technology and management. Although leather belongs to the traditional industry, leather can be made into a high-tech industry as long as innovation and high-tech methods are used.

         Chairman Chen said that in the next step, he would establish close and in-depth cooperation with the technical teams of academician Shi, Sichuan University and Qilu University of technology to develop new products, new technologies and new processes to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. As the benchmark enterprise of the cow split leather manufacturer, with the strong support of academician workstation, it has made more contributions to the development of local economy and industry.

        Academician Shi Bi, President Chen Jiachuan (president), Secretary General Chen Zhanguang, chairman Zhang Zhaosen, President Liang Zhixin, deputy inspector Jiao Zhaogang and head Xin'an unveiled the academician workstation of Jinan Luri Junda Leather Co., Ltd.

The leaders took a group photo in front of the office building.

    In the past 29 years, Junda's growth and progress are inseparable from the care and help of friends from all walks of life, the integration and innovation of industry, University and Research Institute, and the trust and support of customers. Junda people will always be grateful, work hard, always hold the mentality of returning to zero, starting from zero every year. insist! insist! insist!